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Best Office Jobs in 2021

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Why Office Jobs Are One Of The Best Career Choices And How To Find The Right One

Regardless of the success, prosperity, and progress, they can give, office jobs often have a reputation of boring cubicle nightmares. But even though some of them are dull, you shouldn’t assume that they are all the same because you could be losing a great opportunity.

Instead, an office job can be the ideal career choice that will provide you with stability, a chance to meet interesting people, and grow your networking skills. Thus, there is a wide range of positions you can pursue. 

The average annual office worker salary in the United States is 37.843, and in Germany, 33.500 euros a year.

Businesswoman Interviewing Male Job Candidate In Seating Area Of Modern Office
Businesswoman Interviewing Male Job Candidate In Seating Area Of Modern Office

Here are the two highest-paying desk jobs according to Business Insider and Zippia.

  1. Computer-and information-systems manager

People who choose this career coordinate computer-related activities in a company. Their median annual salary is 135.800 USD.

  1. Investment fund manager

These professionals provide corporate and private customers with advice and service regarding finances, which helps them decide where and how to invest money. On average, investment fund managers earn 134.192 USD per year.

  1. Petroleum engineer

They create methods that will enhance oil and gas extraction and production. Thus, they identify whether there’s a need for new devices or improving the old ones. Their average annual salary is 128.230 USD.

But remuneration is not the only reason to consider office work, although it’s a great incentive. Here’s why desk jobs could be ideal for you.


The values, mission, and goals that make a company can be highly beneficial for employees. Organisational culture increases happiness and productivity. Offices workplaces have different workers and departments working together, which boosts team spirit, sense of support, and creativity.


Office jobs can be mentally tiring, but when you go home, you can finally relax. If you work from home or in any environment that doesn’t give you a strict distinction between your job and personal life, it’s easy to experience burnout. When your bedroom is also your office, it’s hard to keep leisure and work time apart.


Other jobs can provide you with flexibility, but they can be lonely. In an office, people continuously surround you. There, you can exchange ideas, solutions, and help each other.

Environments such as work from home are usually not the best in creating an engaging environment where you can collaborate with others and learn new things. Thus, office jobs give more opportunities for recognition and career progress.

Jobstoday is the best place to start your office jobs pursuit because it has an array of different positions and collaboration with trusted companies. Here are some of the best desk jobs across the USA and Europe.

  • Office manager, Understanding Recruitment – London, United Kingdom. A unique opportunity for experienced professionals with thorough knowledge of general office administrative duties. The salary goes between £30,000 and £35,000 (depending on experience) plus the benefits.
  • Data Entry Specialist, CorVel Corporation – Tampa, Florida, USA. A perfect vacancy for detail and solution-oriented professionals proficient in Microsoft Office Suite. The generous benefits package includes medical, dental, vision, 401K, and paid time off.
  • Office manager, China Career – Dusseldorf, Germany. If you have strong interpersonal and communication skills, experience working with international teams, and attention to detail, this could be your ideal opportunity.


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