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Best Paying Jobs in 2020

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No matter if you are starting your career or thinking about changing your profession, money plays a significant role in the choice of your next job. Although passion is essential for enjoying work, it is the payroll that will bring security and other life essentials.


It is why it’s essential to start the financial conversation and identify the jobs that were the best-paid in 2020. These are the top 10 professions that generate the highest salaries.


This demanding profession requires a lot of sacrifices because one will need to dedicate around 16 years of their life to becoming a neurosurgeon. Besides, learning is an ongoing activity in this field because these professionals have to keep up with the latest neuroscience innovations, visit conferences, and seminars. But it is a career that gives the highest income in the world, with the median salary being 381.500 USD.


These dedicated professionals are physicians whose principal goal is to relieve the pain by administering anesthetics during or after the surgery. Thus, they also have numerous other responsibilities, such as handling emergencies, pain management advising, and critical care unit assessments. Their average salary is 265.000 USD.


Another profession from the medical field that generates an outstanding payroll is the surgeons, and they are the ones who save lives and enhance the overall patient’s well-being. Depending on the specialism, it will take you several years of additional study to become a surgeon after becoming a doctor. However, besides saving lives, your reward will be an average salary of 251.000 USD.

Team surgeons at work
Team surgeons at work

Although people often mix oral surgeons with regular dentists, these specialists perform complex dental procedures. Those that decide to pursue this career will have to dedicate additional four years to studying after the dentistry degree. However, with an average salary of 243.500 USD and the opportunity to help people, it is a career that’s beyond rewarding.


These physicians specialize in women’s health and the female reproductive system, which means that they deal with an array of issues, including sexually transmitted infections and hormone disorders. Their average salary is 235.500 USD.


These are the dentists whose specialty focuses on occlusion, correcting bites, and treating temporomandibular disorders. Thanks to the expertise and dedication this career requires, their median salary is 228.500 USD.


The expertise of these medical doctors is mental health and substance use disorder, and it takes roughly 11 years of training to become one. However, their extensive education and dedicated work result in an average salary of 216.090 USD.


GPs are the physicians who provide general care, which includes physical, psychological, and social aspects. It takes seven to ten years to obtain this title, but the advantage is that the median salary is 208.560 USD.

  1. CEO

A chief operating officer (CEO) is the one who leads a company towards achieving its objectives and a healthy bottom line. One has to have extensive experience and proven results to become a CEO, but the average salary is $200.140.


These medical doctors are the ones that have specialization in internal medicine, meaning that they can identify what’s causing physical pain that isn’t visible on the outside. They earn a rewarding median salary of 198.370 USD.

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