Can You Dare to Work as an Air Traffic Controller?

Air Traffic Controller

One of the jobs that have generated much attention recently is air traffic controller. The position has been named as one of the top-paying jobs in the world, but it requires lower education compared to jobs paying similar amounts. However, the job requires a lot of effort and not everyone can handle it. Air traffic […]

Engineerings… As Prestigious as It is Said to Be?


Engineering is among the highly respected careers in the world. Most people also believe engineers are smarter than accountants and lawyers. However, a more recent Harris Poll survey has shown that doctors lead the list of most prestigious occupations. Other professionals on the leading list include firefighters, scientists, and military officers.   “The occupations at […]

Tough Life of a Construction Worker

construction worker

Everyone who works in the construction industry will tell you that the job is hard. Anyone who tells you otherwise might be joking, lying, or has never worked in the field for a day. That means construction workers must be energetic, tough, and know the ins and outs of their job. Besides, they have to […]

Reasons Why Electricians Earn More than College Graduates

Electrician jobs

Electricity jobs are very dangerous, something that makes electricians charge very high amounts. While electrical services and cables may not cost much, they may cause terminal illnesses and even fatalities. Even so, that is not the only reason the costs of electrical services are high. “If an electrician fixed an electrical issue wrongly, it could […]

Being an Architect: Is It as Fancy as It Looks?

Being an architect

Architecture is a wonderful career but also can turn into a terrible one. The career is fiercely competitive and the pay may not be as good as many people suppose. Further, it involves a lot of mundane labor and little exciting creative projects. So, What Do Architects Do Architects design offices, homes, stores, and even […]

Best Help Desk Jobs in 2021

When you take help desk jobs, you would be offering technical assistance and support. You would have to handle issues that the users might face. Here, your role would be providing timely guidance that would help them in overcoming the problem. You will have to monitor calls and create reports as well. Here, we will […]

Best Project Manager Jobs in 2021

As part of project manager jobs, you would have to plan and oversee various projects. You would be responsible for completing them within a stipulated period. Apart from that, you have to create a budget, track progress, update and monitor the project consistently. Here, we will look into the different aspects of project manager jobs […]

Best Administrative Assistant Jobs in 2021

administrative assistant

Administrative Assistant jobs focus on taking care of the administrative responsibilities of an office. As part of your job, you would act as the point of contact connecting people with your employer. You would be managing the filing system, handling requests, planning meetings, creating emails, letters, reports, minutes, etc. Now, let us have a look […]

Actuary Salary and Job Profile

Actuary Salary

Being an actuary is a lucrative job profile that has high demand in the present scenario. When we look into the actuary salary scale, it is higher than the average compensation gained by most professionals. As an actuary, you can choose from numerous career paths. As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), insurance, […]