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The career of receptionists is a dynamic one, and it represents professionals who are the backbone of every company and organization. Receptionists are at the forefront of a company, which makes their job demanding and exciting.

Due to being the first point of contact of a business, they have to be amiable and welcoming, but also well-dressed. These are the individuals that represent the values, standards, and ideals of the organization they work for, and their behavior and appearance have to reflect that.


Receptionists have an intense impact on the business, which is why it’s essential how they greet and receive customers and clients. But the importance of their work goes beyond being pleasant. These professionals should also have a vast knowledge of the company they work for, its goals, and history.

Yet, despite how demanding a receptionist’s job might be, it is also rewarding. It allows you to create an extensive network, develop soft skills, and practice different languages. Thus, it is a career that doesn’t require a high level of education, but it can provide you with a more than satisfactory salary.

Hotel receptionist using computer at workplace
Hotel receptionist at workplace


Nearly every industry needs receptionists. They can work in large corporations in the automotive sector or fitness centers just as much as they can in hotels or medical facilities.

Hence, it is not surprising that you can expect that the employment of receptionists will grow four percent by 2029. With the impact of the pandemic, the job outlook growth of receptionists will be the highest in the healthcare industries.

If you choose to work as a receptionist, your job will be to answer phones, schedule and confirm appointments, receive visitors, and provide them with general information about the company. Thus, you will get to interact with every department and employee, including those at the top of the pyramid.

The average salary of receptionists in the US is 13.46 USD per hour, with the highest-paying cities being New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Phoenix. The median annual base salary of receptionists in 2020 was $27.965.

In Europe, the average yearly salary depends on the country and its standards. For instance, receptionists working in Germany will receive 32.176 euros, in Switzerland 52.681, and Romania 3.14 euros per hour.

THE BEST JOB OPPORTUNITIES FOR RECEPTIONISTS will help you find marvellous receptionist vacancies across the world, wherever it is that you want to build your career or follow your dreams. These are some of the best receptionist jobs near you, all over Europe and the US.

  • SEASONAL RECEPTIONIST, H&R BLOCK – Pennsylvania, Shillington, US. They are looking for a flexible and dynamic individual who doesn’t like the typical 9 to 5 jobs.
  • RECEPTIONIST, MID TOWN OFFICE – Anchorage, US. If you are a career-oriented professional with three or more years of experience, this could be the right position for you.
  • RECEPTIONIST, JOB AG – Bremen, Germany. The perfect job for those with good English language skills, business training, and a self-confident mindset.

If you like these, but still want to discover more, there is an extensive offer of receptionist jobs near you here.

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